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About us


STRIVE Motivation Inc. (Spirituality Takes Recovery Into Victorious Expectations) a 501(c)3, non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in December 2011 by Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson. STRIVE Motivation Inc. consist of dedicated health professionals, Educators, Life coaches and Certified Peer Specialist committed to supporting, helping and empowering individuals living with and in recovery from mental illness, co-occurring disorders, addictions, trauma and psychological disharmonies.

The mission of STRIVE Motivation Inc. is to guide participants through a productive recovery process by introducing them to the tools needed to overcome the challenges that could threaten their overall well-being and productivity.

STRIVE Motivation Inc. uses an upbeat and animated approach to addressing recovery. This allows participants to awaken their consciousness to the positive journey of recovery. STRIVE Motivation Inc. introduces various approaches and techniques such as Laughter Therapy, Color Therapy and Guided Imagery which is an effective way to evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness in the human Psyche, bringing an individual to embracing their spirituality. 

STRIVE Motivation Inc. uses the definition of Spirituality as non-religious

Define as:

  • Discovering and experiencing whatever brings an individual joy, peace and inner contentment.

  •  Experiencing positive aspects of their human existence.

  • Discovering one’s purpose in life.




STRIVE Motivation Inc. uses evidence-based material along with the foundational principles of recovery




Personal responsibility



as a tool to guide, educate and motivate participants towards a productive recovery. This allows participants to take charge of their life and propels them to reach recovery goals, build relationships, reach career goals and further education.    




STRIVE Motivation Inc.  promotes and emphasizes Peer-to-Peer support when addressing the needs of individuals traveling the road of recovery. 

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


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