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Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson, DM, PhD

STRIVE Motivation Inc.  promotes and emphasizes Peer-to-Peer support when addressing the needs of individuals traveling the road of recovery. 

Dr. Fatima Adull Johnson,  DM, PhD

Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson, DM, PhD

founder of STRIVE Motivation Inc.


  A seasoned Motivational Speaker who has appeared on several television and radio programs, a speaker who continuously delivers an electrifying spectacular presentation to her audience.
•    Developer of S.T.R.I.V.E. Motivational Recovery Model, a health and wellness action plan used to assist individuals in recovery from psychological and physical disharmonies.
•    Educator at Temple University teaching: STRIVE: The Psychology of Recovery.
•    Founder of Sisters’ Community Outreach Project, a HIV/AIDS program facilitated by community outreach leaders that disseminate testing, prevention and educational information to the public.  
•    Dr. Johnson has produced a variety of Public Service Announcements that appears on television and radio.
•    Creator of “Health & Safety Awareness” youth program. A program that introduces youth to the important role they play in their health, safety and well-being.
•    Originator of children’s motivational story “Maggie’s Carnival of Dreams.”
•    Life Coach
•    Philanthropist
•    Lecturer & Workshop Facilitator:  Using a combination of her personal life experiences along with years of professional experiences in mental health Dr Johnson presents a bold, highly charged, uplifting experience to her audience.  She has been viewed by her audience as one of the t inspirational and down to earth speakers they have had the experience of encountering.
•    Former hosted and Producer of “Fatima’s Broadcast Magazine” on talk radio WNWR Philadelphia PA. Show focused on health and social issues facing the community.
•    Former TV Co-host of “Magazine Showcase” program featured professional athletes, entertainers and community leaders.
•    1998 advocate and panelist on the “Presidential Task Force on the Employment of Adults with Disabilities”. Facilitated by former Vice President Al Gore.   Program aired live on CNN December 14, 1998.


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