Motivational Enrichment Workshop

Workshop is designed to uplift and inspire participants to take charge of their lives and live the care-free and stress-free life they have imagined.

Workshop addresses how to manage stress and anxiety that can cause disharmonies of the mind and body.

Workshop supplies the tools needed when faced with psychological challenges we encounter while traveling the road of life.

Workshop Objectives:


  • To guide participants towards greater understanding of the human Psyche (mind) in order to maintain harmony and inner peace.

  • To bring awareness that a healthy mind creates a healthy body.

  • Introduce stress reduction techniques.

  • Introduce self-communication as a tool to de-escalate anxiety.


Workshop Highlights:


  • Creating a stress and anxiety free zone

  • Laughter Therapy: the Rx for life

  • Communication with self and others

  • Letting go of a pass you cannot change

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Creating your Autobiography-“Walk Proudly in Your Shoes”

  • Navigating Destiny: setting goals and making them reality

  • Bringing balance to your life

  • How to create the person you want to be


Length of workshop:  1 to 6 sessions, 1 hour per session

Upon completion of sessions participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Workshops are available to the general public and can be presented at client’s facility.