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Youth Health and Safety Awareness Program

Strive Motivation Inc. Health and Safety Awareness Program is a fun and interactive approach to educating youth, ages 5-10 of the important role they play in their health, safety and wellness.

Program will assist youth in developing skills in areas of communication and social interaction, along with boosting self-esteem and motivation.  Youth will also be introduced to the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and the benefits of exercise.

Program is full of creative and exciting projects youth can share with parent/guardian.  This allows parent/guardian to share the learning experience with their children.

Upon completion of all program sessions participants will participate in a graduation ceremony and receive a certificate of completion.

Program Objectives:


  • To bring awareness of safety precautions in order to prevent injuries to self and others.

  • Assist youth in identifying potentially harmful situations.

  • Assist youth in preventing emergencies and how to respond to emergencies.

  • Identify household poisons and discuss poison prevention.

  • Bring awareness of the dangers associated with drugs.

  • To educate youth how to use the food pyramid.

  • To introduce easy fun exercises youth can share with parent/guardian.


Length of program: 6 sessions, 1 hour per session

Programs are conducted at schools, youth groups, summer camps, recreation centers, after school programs, all facilities focusing on empowering youth through education.






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